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  Elpas Nurse Call Integration

Elpas Nurse Call integrates with traditional Nurse Call systems to provide enhanced performance for healthcare providers.   Elpas RTLS adds location information to existing systems, eliminating manual reporting requirements, improving workflow and freeing caregivers from clerical tasks.

Elpas integrates closely with leading brands of Nurse Call systems:

Rauland Bourg - Responder 5
Zettler Medicall 800
Simplex Grinnell - EZCare
Static Systems

Elpas integrates with Handsets from major manufacturers, based on both DECT and WiFi technology

Aastra Mitel
Spectralink (WiFi)
Kirk (DECT)
Android (via EirisGo)
iPhone (via EirisGo)

Elpas provides powerful tools that augment and leverage existing nursecall systems. It retains all the functionality of your existing system, makes it easier to use and adds new features

Automatic Nurse Presence
The Automatic Nurse Presence feature of the Elpas system automatically registers  the arrival of the responding staff member.  This allows care givers to focus on assisting the patient in need, rather than manually indicating their presence and departure.

Automatic logging of call responses frees caregivers from manually recording their activities allowing them to concentrate on caring for their patients. The responding Nurses identity and the time of the response are automatically recorded .  No Nurse Presence buttons are needed, maintaining a more aesthetic décor.   

Nurse presence may be automatically displayed on dome lights, showing other staff members that the call is being handled.

Handset Integration

Elpas integration with voice handsets utilizes existing systems to view, respond and manage Nurse Call alerts.   Cellular and PBX handsets become Elpas Eiris clients allowing you to receive alerts from your existing Nurse Call system

Wireless Nurse Call
Patients wearing Elpas wrist bands or pendants can call for help from anywhere with the facility, providing patients with mobility and security.  These call messages may be sent to your legacy nursecall system with call location information as well as patient identity.  Calls that are initiated by Elpas badges may be cleared in a variety of ways: Nurse Presence, hand held beacon or mobile application.

Elpas has field-tested, wireless and wired solutions for your pre-existing or new nurse call systems. Knowing the precise location of your staff with room level and sub-room level precision is a great example of how Elpas RTLS functionality can leverage and improve your Nurse Call system.  Accurate RTLS can automate nurse call cancellations, generate staff-specific patient call logs, facilitate care giver guideline compliance and provide the basis for patient flow automation.
Elpas RTLS integration can open a voice channel to the responding nurse via DECT phone, DECT communicator, wired phone or cell phone.  Integration with video security systems allows the Elpas system to automatically provide a video feed of the incident.


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  • Integrates with most major Nurse Call systems
  • Room and sub-room level precision location information
  • Provides automatic nurse call cancelation
  • Full reporting capabilities for compliance records
  • Advanced video and voice link integration options
  • Alert & paging options
  • Easy to use software
  • Graphical views
  • CE, FCC, IC compliant


Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may vary from photos. Not all products include all features. Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager.
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