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  Elpas LoneProtect App

Elpas LoneProtect app works directly with Elpas' Eiris Software and Eiris Server to send duress alerts from the user's smartphone to designated care staff. Care staff monitor and receive alerts on their workstation or smartphone using Elpas' Eiris Go app. 

In addition, the app can be used with the Elpas Shield BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). When used with the Elpas Shield BLE tag, the SmartTag functions as a RF reader relating important information about the Elpas Shield, such as duress alerts, GPS location, fall detection or lost connection. 

  • Send duress alerts directly to responders (no 3rd party needed)
  • Functions as a SmartTag 
  • Fall detection when used with Elpas Shield BLE
  • GPS Location
  • Lost Connection Alerts
  • Send Alerts to Eiris Go 
  • All events sent and stored in Eiris
  • Send family SMS about the alert
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